Sweet Little Jesus Boy: A Christmas Card


Atlanta, Georgia – Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I’m reflecting on what that means,  while listening to one of my favorite carols – the old spiritual, “Sweet Little Jesus Boy.”

When we first moved to Asia in 1995, God taught me two very important facts. First, He taught me that God is not an American.  That sounds crazy, but I think I unconsciously believed that.  When He opened the world to me, I learned that He is the God of all people in all corners of the world.

Secondly, He taught me that Jesus came on Christmas for all of the people throughout the world – not just those with Christmas trees. The Bible is very clear about that. Again, it isn’t something that a typical American who had never left the USA would ever think about.

Since then, He has taken me to 30 countries and I’ve met and photographed countless of His children.

So my online Christmas card to you is in the link below. It is a collection of photos of some of those people, from Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Cambodia, China, India, Peru and a homeless shelter here in Atlanta.

The photo here of the smiling little boy was taken in a makeshift refugee camp and hospital in the days following the horrific 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Despite being badly injured, his smile lit up the hospital tent.

Here is the link to my 3-minute slide show of “Sweet Little Jesus Boy.”  Please click on it and see who Jesus came to save.  (Thanks to my colleague Stanley Leary for helping me put this together and letting me use his server).

Merry Christmas and I pray you, too, know the little Jesus boy.