One Morning in Beijing


Beijing, China – One of my favorite people flashes me his broad, infectious smile every day from my office wall, where a print of this photo hangs.  His grin lights up the room, and makes me smile, too.

We met one morning in the Forbidden City in Beijing. He was part of a tour group visiting from a rural area of China and I was trying to do a little street photography in Tiananmen Square before my mid-morning business meeting.

Our relationship, through the lens of a Nikon camera, lasted for about 1/250th of a second.

I’m not sure why he smiled at me so broadly. After I snapped the photo, I gave him a smile and a little wave before he disappeared into the teeming crowd.

He’s one of more than 1.3 billion faces in the crowd that is China in 2011. It is real easy to forget that each of those 1.3 billion people was created by God in His image, and is loved and honored by God every bit as much as you and me. Each is worthy of honor, dignity and respect. Each is worth Jesus Christ dying to save them.

In our self-centered, self-absorbed world that is America in 2011, it is easy to forget that sometimes.

Every day, my smiling friend helps remind me.